Food News Thursday, February 13


France puts ‘homemade’ on restaurant menus - AP
Poor diet a problem for dementia sufferers - NZ Herald
Thailand’s crisis boils down to a battle over white riceGlobal Post
The Full-Fat Paradox: Whole Milk May Keep Us Lean - NPR
Color Psychology: Red Plates Make You Eat Less - LA Weekly
What’s for dinner? Pizza, probably: 1 in 8 Americans eat a slice on any given day - Daily Mail
L.A. Unified offers lifeline to farmers with healthful eating program - LA Times

Food for Thought

Why I’m so bored with superfoodsObserver
Diners have new love for classic steak tartareSF Gate
Can Your Family Make You Obese?Atlantic
Shanghai Warms Up To A New Cuisine: Chinese Food, American-Style - NPR
Japanese Food for Hangovers - Food & Wine
Food Co-ops in Gentrifying Areas Find They Aren’t to Every Taste - NYT

Best of the Blogs

Lettuce Tacos with Chipotle Chicken and Grilled Pineapple SalsaDrizzle and Dip
Sugar v. HFCS: How I got involved in this lawsuit - Food Politics
Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts, Sausage and Olives - Blue Kitchen
Real Life Wednesday: I’m So Over You, Winter - How Sweet It Is

Wine and Spirits

Obama serves Hollande ‘cheap’ US wine - The Drinks Business
Why Can’t You Find That Wine?NY Times
Why You Should Be Serving Wine from a Decanter - Food & Wine
When craft brewing goes rogue: Beer made with beard yeast, anyone?Globe and Mail
Russia’s Ban on Alcohol in Sochi Arenas Leaves Drinkers FlatWSJ
Fine Wine Prices Take an Unusual Fall - Wine Searcher
Valentine’s Day: top cocktail recipes to woo your beloved - Telegraph
11 Wines from Actors, Athletes and Porn Stars - Food & Wine

The Business of Food

Paula Deen’s New Company Just Got $100 Million in FundingGrub Street
How much do state dinners cost? They ain’t cheapCBS News
Silicon Valley’s Next Big Goal: Fixing Our Broken Food SystemFast Company
Everyone Wants to Be in K-Cups, Even Coffee Laggards Like Krispy KremeBusinessweek

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