Food News Wednesday, January 29


America’s craze for fish oil is wiping out world’s rarest sharkQuartz
Paper touting benefits of organic milk for heart may be overselling
 – WP
Dorito eating among pot-themed contests at Denver County Fair – USA 
South Korean woman makes £5,600/month streaming herself eating – DM
FDA Found Drugs Used In Food Animals To Be ‘High Risk’NPR
This Weight-Loss Pill Turns Into a Balloon to Fill Your StomachAtlantic
Sushi Chefs Aren’t Feeling California’s New Glove LawNPR

Food for Thought

Why do adult humans drink milk? It’s not (just) for the vitamin D – Slate
All food politics is local: What’s next for the sustainable food movement? – Grist
All the Food That’s Fit to 3D Print, From Chocolates to Pizza – Businessweek
Trusting a Baby to Know How to Eat – NYT
Farm Bill Bipartisan Deal – Congress Agrees That People Should Go HungryEsquire
Mock Food Labels Reveal The Chemicals In Natural FoodsPSFK

Best of the Blogs

Yes to the Familiar // Steel Cut Oats with Apples, Pecans + Toasted CoconutThe Year In Food
A ramble and Oven-baked Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup With Caraway SeedsLucullian Delights
the best ever carrots cooked in carrot juice Drizzle and Dip
World domination with a London brunch – Chubby Hubby
Ten Fun ThingsPinch of Yum

Wine and Spirits

Don’t Drink Heineken. Amsterdam’s Best Beer is at These Craft Breweries – Condé Nast Traveler
If You Love This Beer Then You’ll Love This Wine, Beer and Wine Pairing Infographic – Laughing Squid
BuzzFeed: Coffee brandy has competitor for Maine’s signature drink – Bangor Daily News
Private collector splashes £1.2m on Yquem – The Drinks Business
6 Wine Making Processes & How They Affect Wine – Wine Folly

The Business of Food

McDonald’s needs Europeans to start eating its breakfast – Quartz
Meet Monsanto’s newest vegetables – Grist
The Food May Be Fast, but These Customers Won’t Be Rushed – NYT

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