Food News Thursday, December 5


‘Tips for Jesus’: Mystery diner leaving huge tips across US  - FOX News
Few people read restaurant calorie information - Reuters
These Days, School Lunch Hours Are More Like 15 Minutes – NPR
Food Stamp Program To Be Cut, But By How Much? - NPR
William Keene, Oregon’s top-gun food safety investigator, dies - Oregonian
Zagat Lists Best Restaurants In Big Cities - Business Insider
$15 Wage in Fast Food Stirs Debate on EffectsNY Times

 Food for Thought

Why $7-Per-Gallon Milk Looms Once Again - NPR
What’s Wrong With The Food You Eat? - Forbes
Why posh restaurants are wasted on the rich - Guardian UK
Tech Enhances the Culinary Experience — and the Chef  - KQED
The Ceramic Canvas - New York Times
13 Food Charities to Give to This Holiday SeasonBon Appétit
With Vague Laws and High Demand, There’s a Reason Raw Milk is Called MooshineFood Republic

Best of the Blogs

Judy Rodgers - David Lebovitz
Chocolate Mousse Mini Cupcakes - Bake or Break
13 Must-Read Links for Food WritersWill Write For Food
Decorating with Royal Icing: Recipe and Step-by-Step TutorialAnnie’s Eats
Creamy polenta & mushroomsLove and Lemons

Wine and Spirits

EU wine producers in limbo as China probe continues - Decanter
Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Wine Lovers, Beer Lovers & Foodies - Wine Enthusiast
Wine Startups Harness The Cloud To Bring Cabernet To The Clueless - Forbes
The State We’re in: 80 Years Since Repeal - Wine Searcher
Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer: Everything Wrong With Drinking Culture - Squid Ink
The Best Holiday Cocktails - Red Envelope

The Business of Food

Doritos Locos Tacos visionary dies at 41 - USA Today
Top This: The Coffee Shop Practice That’ll Really ‘Bug’ You - Forbes
Is a Peanut-Butter Pop-Tart an Innovation?WSJ
Fast Food Giants Use Loopholes to Avoid Taxes on CEO PayBill Moyers
Food Stamp App Helps Bay Area Residents Stay Enrolled - Newsmax

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