Food News Friday, November 22


Eating nuts may make you live longer, Harvard study says - DFP
Typhoon Reignites Debate Over U.S. Gives Food Aid - NY TImes
Organic Farmers Bash FDA Restrictions On Manure Use - NPR
Teens trying disturbing new diet trend: eating cotton balls - FOX
E. Coli Cases Linked to Chicken Salads, Wraps in Four States - FSN

Food for Thought

Local food movement goes back — way back - Minnesota Public Radio
5 Futuristic Food Trends - ABC News
The world’s food supply depends on Morocco. Here’s why - Global Post
Study: Fast-Food Culture Warps Our Ability to Savor Life - Atlantic
Roy Choi: He’s the face of L.A. at the moment  - LA Times
This Man is a Celebrity Chef. Nobody Has Eaten His Food.Esquire
The GOP’s Cruel Crusade Against Food Stamps - Atlantic
Paleo: That’s not really what Cavemen ate  - NZ Herald

Best of the Blogs

Foundations no.9 – Using Yeast - Poires au Chocolat
Spiced Cranberry Jam - Food in Jars
Thanksgiving Tofu Pasta Nests Recipe - Steamy Kitchen
Nancy’s Vodka CranberriesBig Girls Small Kitchen

Wine and Spirits

Beer (of a sort) in the City of Light - British Food in America
Rowdy Bar Hikes Drinking Age to 25 to Pacify Neighbors - DNA
School of hock: How I became a wine buff in a dayThe Times
Why do champagne prices fall during the holidays? - Dr. Vino
Sugar High: Cinnabon Vodka Coming Soon - Advertising Age
Can Wine Be Generational? Let’s Ask Kermit LynchFood Republic

The Business of Food

Israeli restaurant offers half off to diners who turn off phones - Globe and Mail
Food Stamp Cuts Leave Rural Areas, And Their Grocers, Reeling
 - NPR
Starbucks to roll out new drive-thru - Food Business News
Austin, Texas considers banning fast food chains near schools  – NY Daily News

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