Food News Monday, November 4

Food News

Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies – NY Times
UK farms sore over French oyster herpes – Independent
Supermarkets driven by profits, not urge to keep us healthy – Observer
Global Food Traceability Center puts food safety in focus – UPI
Maine’s lobster industry is dying – Salon

Food for Thought

10 Apps to Trick Everyone Into Thinking Youre An Amazing Chef – Paste
A Visit to the Kitchen of Jam Master June Taylor – WSJ
Tavern: the new ‘humble’ name for a restaurant – Guardian UK
Seeds on seeds on seeds: Why more biodiversity means more food security – Grist
How SproutsIO is Planning to Transform the Farm-to-Table Movement – Fast Co.
A Love Story That Spawned A Hardware Revolution In The Kitchen – TechCrunch

Best of the Blogs

Behind the Scenes of a Lifestyle ShootMatt Bites
Freezable Breakfast Bowls – Macheesmo
Baking with Almond Flour – Pinch My Salt
How to Shell Crab – No Recipes
Astronauts and Space Food – Food Timeline

Wine and Spirits

Debut ‘Downton Abbey’ wines fit for a lord – Today
How a handful of Mountain men made wine history – Press Democrat
Bottle Shares Spread the Beer – WSJ
To Stave Off Decline, Churches Attract New Members With Beer – NPR

The Business of Food

Mash Donalds? Iranians Copy American Fast Food Brands – NPR
Small Oregon chicken processors see surge in demand since Salmonella outbreak – Oregonian
Food Stamp Cuts Add to Walmart’s Troubles – Daily Beast

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